Zontians are a culturally and professionally diverse group of women who share a commitment to working for women’s rights and gender equality. As a service organization, membership in Zonta requires a time commitment as well as financial responsibilities. If you are interested in membership, please review the eligibility criteria below, then contact your favorite Zontian or contact us.

Criteria for Membership

  1. Persons eligible for membership are executives and professionals in decision- making positions who are willing to support and to implement the mission and objectives of Zonta International.
    1. Executives are persons who formulate, determine or influence the administrative policies of a business.
    2. Professionals are persons engaged in work that requires special training, skills or knowledge.
  2. Prospective members must either work or reside in the Southern Maryland area. The quality of business or profession must be reputable and recognized.
  3. The desirability of the woman herself: she must be of good character and of good business and professional reputation.
  4. Candidates must be actively engaged in the workforce – working at least 50 percent of a normal workweek –in a recognized business or profession in a decision-making capacity.